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Are you a Professional Recovery operator wanting to join our network partnership?

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  • Are you a professional breakdown recovery operator interested in being a partner with us?
  • Do you want to increase productivity and utilisation?
  • Call us for a chat on 0845 58 247 58

What are the benefits of being a partner?

  • Benefit from untapped "pay as you go" work in your area
  • Customers can see your location on the app as their nearest operator
  • Free listing for your company on the location map on the I Phone app
  • Breakdown Recovery business channeled to your firm
  • Download the app and use the recovery tools
  • Refer your customers to the scheme so they can the "pay as you go" service
  • Get your customers to download the app to facilitate finding their location
  • You get first refusal on all customer referrals in your area
  • Support from our 24-7-365 control room channeling work to your company

Why not upgrade the I-Phone App so your own company details appear on it? All for a fraction of the price of developing your own?

Receive 50% discount until further notice

Other requirements for all upgrades: IOS developer account ($99 per year), PHP server, Web site, Click to buy - no minimum contract period - stop the service whenever you want. Other costs incurred if not a domain and transfer of existing pre owned domains. Links will be included to ukautorescue.

What other benefits are we planning?
Coming soon.....More unique practical tools on the app for recovery operators and breakdown recovery applications for customers:

How does it work?
It simple - register here and we do all the rest. We will send you the application form and basic agreement terms. Hopefully once you are on the sysem we can start giving you some work.

Why should I join the recovery partnership UKautorescue?
What have you got to lose? You get a free company listing on our web site and have a presence on the I phone app so potential customers can choose to use you.

What requirements must I meet to work UKautorescue's recovery exchange scheme?
  • AVRO
  • PAS 43
  • Public Insurance liability minimum of £5m
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • PPE policy
Why should I want to work in partnership with UKautorescue?
We have been working as breakdown recovery operators for over 53 years as Boleyn Recovery. We are still family run and owned and understand what our partners do day in day out.

How do I start the registration process
Register here now and we will send instructions

What type of work should we expect?

Our main customer base are commercial fleet operators and haulage companies. However with the growth of the partnershup network we expect to increase the demand in the domestic market for car recovery

Disclaimer: The "winch calculator" is only to be used as reference tool. Winching should only be carried out by experienced qualified recovery professionals. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the winch calculator tool and recovery operators should know how to calculate their own data to ensure the correct winching procedure is adhered to. Apple i tunes charges exempt from any offer.

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